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Saddle is a cycling fitness training studio given birth to in Buffalo. It is located at 1094 Hertel Ave Buffalo, NY 14216 North Buffalo, Hertel Avenue.

Saddle is said to be one of Buffalo’s best fitness center. It was created by exercise & biking enthusiast. Saddle is actually a fitness training studio meant for people looking for a unique way to doing workout. The creator of the gym knew what people in the outer world looks like before coming up with workouts that will help push them.

Saddle offers rewarding and energizing classes, they got your back. At Saddle they’ve got experts who are ready to train beginners and even old hands. The inspiration provided at Saddle is what you need to control your own dial.

At Saddle there are guarded rules that help members experience awesome workout result and they include:  

Early Arrival – this is required so as to enjoy a better ride. It is expected that members comes early so as to adjust their saddle and bike handle bar.

Avoid distraction via Cell Phones, Ipods and other – it is a fact that mobile devices are needed every time of the day but at Saddle it is advised that mobile gadgets are kept silenced whenever classes begins, it also advised that they are kept in the lobby to avoid distraction.

Never act all alone – you need to mingle with other trainer and coaches so has to get a better experience. Sharing and rubbing of minds amongst clients helps to proper understand working out routines.

Hydrate – at Saddle a bottle of water cost $1.00 it can also be brought from home. While doing workouts you’ll sweat and might need to hydrate yourself which is why it is advice you have a bottle of water on your bike.

Maria B stated in her review that the gym gets better and better always, she also testified to how the owner of the gym has helped tremendously.

Contact Details

Phone Number: (716) 875-7433

Business website: saddlecycling.com

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