6. Revolution Buffalo

Revolution is one the best cycling studio in Buffalo, it is located at 1716 Main St Buffalo, NY 14209. Talk of experienced coaches Revolution fitness center got them!

Revolution is one of the best indoor cycling studio and TRX fitness center in Buffalo. It has gotten locations in downtown Buffalo & Williamsville, NY, this have contributed to the raising good cycling and group fitness. What they are doing is changing people’s lives one pedal stroke at a time.

They merge active lifestyle, social engagement & community good. It is a culture at Revolution Fitness to provide fun, safe & high intensity workouts in an inviting, clean environment, with lots of quality equipment, you’ll be experiencing no form of distractions but begin getting lots of energy.

The cycling experience at Revolution fitness center is thrilled by lots of features that have been programed to effectively give people the fitness type they’ve been longing for. The cycling and TRX equipment are very much in speculation with the present time. People have constantly visited the gym and also gone through the classes, this is simply a confirmation stating that the gym’s classes have been tested and have been working making people reach there desired fitness goal thou with the help of the certified coaches.

Joe M revealed that he started using the gym some few month back, he explained that the bike were very comfortable for workouts. Christina H explains that the studio is very spacious. Scott L believes that Revolution fitness center in buffalo is a very good fitness training center to do Cardio workouts and cycling.

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