10 Best Fitness Centers in Detroit, Michigan

  1. Nafas Fitness

Students follow their pole dancing instr

Nafas Fitness is a fitness and dance studio in Detroit, Michigan. It is located in 811 N Main, Royal Oak, MI 48067. It was founded by no other than the well known Janel Calka-Assaf.

Owner and creator of Nafas Fitness and Dance Studio, Janel Calka-Assaf has a passion for life and love of family, friends, and animals. Janel’s dream as a child was to open a studio and she realized early on that her strong work ethic was the only way for her to achieve her dreams.

Janel started up as a cleaner for seniors citizens and people with special needs, and a year later she opened J’s Elite Cleaning. Janel is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-hop, Lyrical, Belly dance, Pom and Pole fit. She is certified in Yoga, ZUMBA Gold, ZUMBA B2, ZUMBA Toning, TABATA and GOOFINESS!

Janel has been teaching dance for over 17 years, her very first dance teacher was a lady by the name of Patt Palermo who took Janel under her wing and trained Janel to assistant teach class at the age of 10. Janel has taught dance and choreographed production numbers for many dance studios, dance camps, master classes, conventions, and professional dance companies. While on scholarship at The Edge (in California) Janel was asked to join the weekly- performing tap company known as “World Tap” created by Mark Goodman.

Janel is thrilled to open Nafas Fitness and Dance Studio and she is excited to develop new relationships with clients and friends.

Sol C, a resident of Detroit who has tried all the classes at Nafas Fitness confirms this. She reported that they have excellent classes at an unbelievable and unbeatable monthly rate. She also confirmed that the owner Janel as well as all staff members is incredibly friendly.  Janel makes burning calories actually enjoyable.

You can get in touch with Nafas Fitness on (248) 677-0723, or just visit their business website at www.nafasfitness.com to learn more about them.

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