10 Best Fitness Centers in Detroit, Michigan

  1. Detroit Tough Gym

download (1)Detroit tough gym is a tough boutique gym and one of the top gyms in Detroit, Michigan. It is located at 1244 Beech St, Detroit, MI 48226. The Detroit Tough Gym was founded in 2014 by Gary Bredow and Jenny Feterovich, and led by training industry veteran Felix Nunley.

Detroit Tough is a gym dedicated to the city of Detroit and its residents. Detroit Tough is not a trend or a fad. They believe in the important stuff like form over speed. They also believe in helping people reach their fitness goals, whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or training for a major fitness event. They just want you to get up, and become a better version of you.

According to my findings, there are lots of benefits attached to joining the Detroit Tough Gym. Such benefits include the fact that you get the chance to get healthy which is really all that matters,  you Find Support and Motivation because its usually hard to stay motivated when you are alone, you get stress relief as well because working out has been proven to decrease stress, you learn From the Pros (their certified coaching staff really know what they are doing), you also get to sample the variety due to the number of great classes, you get to learn from other people in your class and so much more other benefits.

Detroit Tough offers the best one-on-one Personal Training in the state of Michigan. Their certified personal trainers motivate clients by establishing individualized goals and providing consistent feedback and accountability. Detroit Tough personal trainers measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses through detailed fitness assessments and create a customized program that will help you achieve both your short term and long term wellness goals. Their certified trainers will educate you in all aspects of wellness including general health and nutrition.

Vincent L, a LA resident visitng Detroit gave his unbiased review on the Detroit Tough Gym. He reported that the place is great, the classes are amazing and the team is even better.

Contact Details:

Phone number (313) 505-8061

Business website: www.detroittough.com

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