10 Best Fitness Centres In Chandler, AZ

3. Fit Life 120

10 Best Fitness Centres In Chandler, AZ

Fit Life 120 is a gym in United States. It is located at 6100 W Gila Springs PI, Suite 23 Chandler, AZ 85226. This gym was founded to cater for the fitness needs of its neighborhood. Fit Life 120 was established in 2004 and owned by a well-respected fitness instructor/trainer, Scott Keppel.

Fit Life 120 started when Scott decided to create a small but unique company based on varied training styles. Scott renamed his company STS in 2009 bringing a logo and a vision to the ever popular fitness industry. Scott recently purchased the largest of all STS locations well equipped to facilitate training groups, classes, boot camp and 1 on 1 training. Scott has such amazing dedication to clients.

The trainers at STS are knowledgeable and skilled in weight loss, nutrition, cardio conditioning, pre and post natal and much more! STS will work with you to reach your fitness goals. The new STS ‘Fit Life 120’ offers: skin treatments, life coaching as well as fitness and nutrition services, personal training, contest preparation or Sport specific training, Boot camps, Yoga, Weight loss and lots more. Interestingly, Scott and his team are always there for you.

Alexa R. from Scottsdale, AZ. In her reviewed, she affirms that Fit Lie 120 is the best. She continued that she always goes to the gym to do some cardio and random weights, but now thanks to Scott she knows what to do and what works best for her body.

Want to know more? Contact them on (480) 820 0835 or visit their business website: www.fitlife120.com

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