10 Best Fitness Centres In Chandler, AZ

4. Flex Fitness

Flex-Fitness-S-and-C-Large-LogoFlex Fitness Centre is a gym located 2160 N. Alma School Road. #124 Chandler, AZ 85224 Unite States. This gym was established in 2010 by a certified MBA, NASM – CPT, PES. Ryan E. to produce maximum result with foundation that is solid in health fitness and general body workouts. Flex Fitness is not just a gym but a community full of professionals in a well organized environment.

Flex Fitness was opened in early 2010 sharing space with 10 other trainers at Mesa, Arizona. Though this gym recorded numerous successes but space was the major challenge. Therefore in late 2012, Flex Fitness moved to their current location at Chandler, AZ. Now the same thing seems to be happening all over again because Flex Fitness keeps growing everyday and their facility keeps getting bigger. Interestingly, Flex Fitness recently added a second location in Mesa their formal location, due to thousands from their clients around the vicinity. This has nothing to do with their quantity services rather it increases their chance to do more.

At Flex Fitness, Ryan and Jessica Ehler, who have developed a fitness system that is responsible for 100’s of success stories for their clients, will work with you throughout your classes, making sure you get the best result in an amazing atmosphere. This gyms offers superior training system combines the energy and workouts with a sport team, yet offers the customization for individual goals and any fitness level, along with the highest level of personal training in the country.

In addition, nutritional coaching that blend with any program of your choice will be given. Their classes also includes: Strength & Conditioning, Fitness & Cardio, Flexibility & Rest, and Motivational module to ensure that your objective which is real health and fitness results are achieved.
For more information, contact: (489) 442 3539, Ryan@FlexFitAZ.com or Business website on www.flexfitaz.com

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