1. Ultimate Fitness Center


The Ultimate Fitness Center is located at 1380 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91911 at Quintard St  Otay. The gym was established in the year 1996. The Ultimate Fitness Center was established with the mission to motivate anybody to join their great Family, become a great Athlete, and develop into an ultimate individual.

The fitness centre has a proven 20 years track record of success. The Ultimate Fitness Center accommodated everyone irrespective of their fitness abilities or experiences. The gym is said to have facilitated BMX bikers, professional wrestlers, IMMAF, NFL and MLB.

The gym also offers “old school” weight training, with which they combine Core Specific training programs for athletes. There are also great selection of circuit training and fun classes that have been designed for family members of all levels and ages.

Matthew B.
From San Diego, CA said that from the first time he walked through the door of Ultimate Fitness Center, he already knew he would feel comfortable there. He said the gym has everything he wants in a fitness centre; low key, low pricing, super friendly staff without with no attitude.

According to Matthew, the staff are very helpful, open minded and very attentive. Matthew also mentioned that the facilities are great and they have always helped him build his confidence at each visit.

Alberto B. From San Diego, CA mentioned in his review that he loves the Ultimate Fitness Center. Alberto has been a member of the gym for more than 8 years now. He claims that he gave his review because of the excellent works that the trainers are doing at the gym and he specifically pointed out Anna Guzman.

He mentioned that she is always happy with what she does. According to Alberto, Anna is very welcoming and encouraging. She makes members feel welcomed and motivates them. Alberto further recommends the Ultimate Fitness Center for anyone that is serious about working out.

Jonathan B. From San Diego, CA has been a member of the Ultimate Fitness Center for 3 years now and he mentioned that the best thing he loves about the gym is how affordable everything there is.

Jonathan mentioned that he does not feel pressured by the staff and they are always ready and eager to answer any question he has.

According to Jonathan, he has lost 45 pounds since he stared going to Ultimate Fitness Center  and Houston, one of the trainers there has been helping him get into the best shape of his life.

You can reach the Ultimate Fitness Center on (619) 427-3488 or visit their Business website at ultimatefitnesscenterchulavis…

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