10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

2. ELMNTL Fitness

300sELMNTL fitness is located at Woodland Mound Park 8250 Old Kellogg Rd Cincinnati, OH 45255 Anderson Township. It is one of Cincinnati’s best fitness centers.

ELMNTL fitness is an elementarycircuit of exercises set within the outdoor scope at Woodland Mound Park.Fitness in nature truly challenges you mentally and physicallyneed to be prepared circumstances ahead.

You will be made to understand thatour recent environment is constantly changing andrequires that one begins adapting.Nature is the best fitness aid ever discovered, at ELMNTL fitness gym is an alternative. Every coach at the fitness center is extremely exposed to the outdoor fitness training. They all have awesome skill for training member to get prepared for any outer world contest.

ELMNTL fitness is a practical strength creating fitness center, you will be trained to get balance & agility needed for the outter world and not gym life. Each session are limited to a number of sixteen people, this is so that everyone gets a personal attention of the coach as a means of safety practice.

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Sixty minute sessions are made upof nine fundamental activities trained throughout the whole of the park: the activities includes: Walking, Running, Jumping, Climbing, Balancing, Pushing, Lifting, Pulling, Quadrupedal Movement (moving on all fours). Exercise, Timing, and additional encounter are created in immeasurable quantities, this simply means members will always get improving, challenging themselves and never plateauing or feeling lazy.

Jillian B review on yelp showed that the experience she got while training with the team was very wonderful. John J also claimed to have enjoyed the outdoor workout experience. He revealed that Kelvin’s rules were really helpful. Laurie R did also love the outdoor training method. She confessed that she enjoyed the experience.

For more information about ELMNTL fitness training and services kindly call the customer care on (513) 767-7614 or visit the business website on www.elmntlfitness.com/

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