10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

4. Studio S


Studio S is one of Cincinnati’s best fitness centers. It is located at 3456 Michigan Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 Hyde Park.

Studio S is a fitness center having real experienced coach. They’ve all gotten series of skillsrequired to take people through various level of fitness. In the state of Hyde Park on tree-lined Michigan Av, Studio s offers workouts with good level of substance. Studio S believes that the best method to fitness is basically personal–centered on your goals, needs, and potential.

The studio offers diversity of highly-qualified, caring instructors and trainers in order to a specific style. Studio S was created to help people cultivate powerful yet balanced training methods through the classes, one on one training and semi-privates that address the basic of fitness: cardiovascular endurance (Spinning & Running), strength (Personal Training & S60), &core strength & whole-body flexibility (Pilates Mat & Reformer).

The studio is structured in such a way that it favors every members coming in. they have series of services offered at the studio.

Personal training: this is done by a coach who is going to be taking you through strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training.

Group Classes: the group classes Involve: spinning, spin core, mat Pilates, sRide and Strong Moms.
Studio S is a fitness creating a platform for signing up classes, laterally which means the stress is reduced for interested members.

Bradley H confessed that the gym is located in a very good location, the facilities are wonderful.

Anbi B however talked about how she was encouraged to visit the gym by a colleague of herself. And ever since she’s been there she’s been enjoying the whole experience.

Contact Details of Studio S

Phone number: (513) 254-9760

Website: www.studioscincinnati.com

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