10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

6. Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp


Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp is one of the best bootcamp in Ohio, it is located at 7923 Blue Ash Rd Cincinnati, OH 45236.

Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp was created by Trisha DeHall and her supportive hubby Rick Spottz.They’veboth been having the passion to help people get losing those excess fat stores within the body through their unique fitness approach.Trisha herself revealed how people have lost heavy lbs through effective workout routine, Trisha and her husband own the Fit Body Boot Camp’s in the area Cincinnati, where they provide personal training, group training& fitness bootcamps.


Trisha has her Masters in Nutrition. She is a Master Certified Personal Trainer and also a certified National Champion Bodybuilder. She has been in 18 (eighteen)different Bodybuilding contest in the last 20 years, she has won 5 of this contest. Tisha has this unstoppable fitness formula strong enough to help in the melting of extra pounds stored in the body. The owners of Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp teamed up with some other fitness experts to deliver the best possible fitness experience to clients.

Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp has some packages structured to help it members:

12 consecutive months packaged for $147.00 – this is a total package that every fitness level will benefit from.

6 consecutive months (unlimited session) packaged for $167 – this is also a total package but have some missing features from the 12 consecutive packages.

3 consecutive months package for $187 – this is a program running for 90days, your body will be transformed within this period.

Monthly package for $197 per months – this is the jump start program meant to take people through the boot camp fundamentals.

Christian I enjoys going to the bootcamp session always, she claims to enjoy of the training session undergone. Rachel M got the motivation needed to keep going and this she revealed she got from the coaches and members.

Contact details of Cincinnati Fit Body Bootcamp

Phone number: (513) 291-3481

Website: cincinnatifitbodybootcamp.com

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