10 Best Fitness Centres In Cincinnati; Ohio

8. Anytime Fitness


Anytime fitness is a twenty-four hour gym center located at 3537 Columbia Parkway Mount Lookout, OH 45226 Columbia-Tusculum. Charles Sippial is the manager of anytime fitness.

Coaches at Anytime-Fitness center has personal training experience, extensive management & customer service training. Most of them worked for a considerable amount of time at various gym centers. Most of this has the gym still running successfully in the area.

They have friendly and professional staff. Their membership also includes free fitness consultation. Also, signing up with them gives you access to more than 3000 gyms across the world. The fitness centre is designed for both beginners and fitness experts.

The gym offers 7 days free trial. Their membership starts at $39.99. Even if you are new to fitness or working out generally, Anytime Fitness has the right staff, equipments and services that will help you achieve your fitness goal. If you are to join them for 2 years, you get 1 year free training. They also have several wellness programs that can help you save your money along with other health insurance reimbursements.

In the aspect of Lifestyle, member’s benefits may include personal training, cardio classes, tanning, adaptive motion trainers, body conditioning classe, spinning cycles & classes, zumba classes, yoga and classes. The Anytime Fitness gym’s Services include24-hour security, 24-hour access, club access, private restrooms, private showers, health plan discounts, convenient parking, anywhere wellness programs, cardio tvs and hdtvs.

They also offer services on fitness education, nutrition coaching, weight loss tips and other resources that could help anybody achieve his or her weight loss goal. On their website, they have a blog that centres on educative articles on lifestyle, health, recipes, workouts and fundamental as well.

Katie W revealed that the gym is an upgraded gym where members have a swipe card to gain entry access. However Lid301 S says he is not too comfortable with the gym.

The contact details of Anytime Fitness:

Phone number (513) 871-2424

Business website: www.anytimefitness.com/gyms

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