10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. Bodytek Fitness

BODYTEK-LOGO-BEST-AND-FINAL-RIGHTBodytek Fitness is in Miami that is located at 2324 NW 5th Ave, Miami, FL 33127, Wynwood. It was founded by Michael Verdugo an expert in personal training.

Michael Verdugo has so far helped lots of people to achieve a longer, happier and healthier lifestyle through his dedication to physical fitness. This has been confirmed by several reports gathered from his clients’ review of his gym. His career began as personal trainer began in 1997. Mike now works at his gym as a personal trainer that works with the members by helping then to prevent injury during workouts and ensuring they obtain maximum results possible from their workouts.


Bodytek Fitness specializes in one-on-one, cardio, weight training, Group personal training and high intensity interval training.

R.E. T. from New York, NY reported in his review that Bodytek Fitness has the best workout and HIIT facility. He also admitted that he loves Bodytek. R.E.T was new to high intensity interval training and he was still recover from an injury when joined Bodytek Fitness. According to him, all the trainers at the gym are incredible.

He said although the workouts are very challenging, they are the best cardio experience ha has ever had. He was able to get results from his workouts in the gym after a month and his cardio also improved dramatically. R.E.T also mentioned that Bodytek Fitness has a great customer service and the place is a community filled with genuine and really good people all around.

Megan A. from Miami, FL said the classes at Bodytek Fitness are fun and amazing. According to Megan, the gym has a challenging, entertaining and diverse routine. When the visited the gym, she was very challenged, yet pumped and motivated.

Nicole G. from Miami, FL also admitted to loving Bodytek Fitness centre.

According to her, although the workouts are challenging, it was the feeling of accomplishments she usually have after each class that has kept her going this far. She also mentioned that Bodytek Fitness does not repeat the combination of exercises.

Jennifer a. from Miami, FL said Bodytek Fitness is her current favourite workout. She said the classes are always mix so you do not get bored. According to Shell, the feel of the class and trainers makes her feel welcomed except for the loud music which she claimed could be deafening.

You can contact Bodytek Fitness centre on (954) 661-6696 or visit their business website at www.bodytekfitness.com to learn more.

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