10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. Legacy Fit


Legacy Fit is a fitness centre in Miami that specializes in private personal programs. The gym is located at 77 Ne 24th St, Miami, FL 33137, Wynwood. The gym was established in the year 2008 with the goal of creating a higher standard in boot camp and training methodology. Legacy Fit gym is owned and managed by Manning S.

According to Manning, the Legacy Fit fitness centre was built on the foundation of the existing bond between trainers and clients, sacrifices, encouragement to one another and turning fitness into a lifestyle. He has also been known with the ability of providing the necessary tools to change life for his clients in only 84 days.

Manning claimed that is all the time he needs to succeed together with you to see an absolute transformation both in and out. Manning also has a way of getting an individual to believe in his or her own success and to achieve it.

Legacy Fit has been known to be an industry leader in strength & conditioning and Private Personal programs for fitness levels of all kinds. In addition to their Private training, Legacy Fit also offers a unique High Intensity Interval training Boot camp class. The gym also has a published and proven program, which is titled NoDaysOFF.


According to reports from clients, the coaches at Legacy Fit gym are good at giving their members their desired result the necessary guidance needed by them to succeed.

Joceline M. from Miami, FL has been a loyal member of Legacy Fit gym for 3 years now. According to her, she has fallen in love with the combination of the music, the people, the energy, the motivation and the results which always leave her sweating, inspired and wanting more. Apart from getting her in shaoe, the gym has also blessed

Joceline with great friends. Joceline also mentioned that the gym is like a family where everyone smile at one another, inspires one another, push one another, laugh together, sweat and have fun.

Diego S. from Hialeah, FL mentioned in his review that the workouts at Legacy Fit are great, fun and exhausting. He also said he enjoyed the different styles of workouts and they go at a fast speed. However, Diego expressed his dissatisfaction with Joe, one of the trainers at the gym but Ijay E. from New Orleans, LA said in her review of Legacy Fit that Joe’s words should not be taken to heart because he jokes. She mentioned that all the staff at Legacy Fit has been nice to her. According to Ijay, the gym has amazing workouts. She has only started going to the gym for just a week now and she has already lost some weight.

You can contact Legacy Fit fitness centre on (305) 799-0850 or visit their business website at www.legacyfit.com to learn more.

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