10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. LifeBox Fitness


LifeBox is a fitness centre in Miami. It is centrally located at 7140 N Waterway Dr, Miami, FL 33155. The gym was established in the years 2010. LifeBox Miami was founded by Ricky L.

LifeBox Miami offers a fitness experience like no other. If you are sick of not getting results and want to try a Bootcamp that will not only whip you into shape, but all while having fun, give us a  try! We also offer Weight loss/ Nutrition consulting as well as Personal training.

Originally, LifeBox was a boot camp that was first designed as a strength training regimen for Ricky’s triathlon. But to everyones; amazement, it made stronger, leaner and more energized. It was further tested on some people and the result was really outstanding. Although Ricky had always been a fitness junkie but the discoveries made him become more passionate about nutrition and fitness. It was then that Ricky decided to share it with everyone interested through LifeBox Miami. From clients’ report, it was made known that LifeBox Miami is a great place for getting fat melting, blood pumping and fun workouts.


Ana R. from Miami, FL said the LifeBox Miami is a great place to work out and the coaches are amazing. Ana also mentioned that the environment at LifeBox Miami is very encouraging and the workout at LifeBox Miami is fun, great and challenging.

Nicole M. from Miami, FL said she loves this gym and she always feel great after every workout. She also mentioned that the instructors are amazing.

Andrea V. from Miami, FL decided to check out the LifeBox Miami gym after several positive reports from their clients and he claimed he has never regretted it. The workouts are always different everyday so members can hardly get bored.

All through the week, different workouts are made to target different parts of the body. Andrea’s result has kept him going back to LifeBox Miami for more. He also mentioned that they always get his body fat measured and his body size. Photos of him are always taken every month to tack his progress. Events are usually held outside the gym to make members socialize with each other.

You can contact LifeBox Miami fitness centre on (786) 606-8390 or visit their business website at www.lifeboxmiami.com to learn more.

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