10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. Live Free Crossfit

348s (3)Live Free Crossfit is strength & conditioning program facility that is designed to help individuals get a general and broad fitness. The gym is located at 8033 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33161. Live Free Crossfit gym was founded in 2012. The fitness centre was founded by Ben Azadi.

Ben Azadi starting is his career in fitness proper in 2010 when he dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle and was able to get rid of 80 lbs of fat. It was them he turn his passion for fitness and health into a career and helping others live a lifestyle that is healthier. Other certified coaches that work with Ben at Live Free Crossfit are John Kelly, Peter Beitia and Jean Carlo Ancelotti.

Live Free Crossfit’s programming focuses on functional movements that are constantly varied. They are also performed at high intensity to reach a complete physical fitness in order to prepare therimembers for any physical challenge they might come across outside the gym.

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At Live Free Crossfit, their members are also made to train and practise major lifts such as deadlift, presses, squat, C&J, snatch etc and to also master the fundamentals of  gymnastics rope climb, flips, pull-ups, sit ups, dips, pirouettes and hols. They also offer swim, run, row and Bike. At Live Free Crossfit, they see following Routine is the enemy. They Keep their workouts intense and short and also encourage their members to regularly play and learn new sports.

Jessica B. from West Chester, PA said in her review that the classes at Live Free Crossfit are fun. Although Jessica was very familiar with CrossFit, she was helped to individualize the workouts.

Clari S. from Miami, FL said in his review that if anybody is looking for a gym that will motivate him or her and at the same time be surrounded with atmosphere that is awesome should try Live Free Crossfit. She claims that the trainers are very helpful and super knowledgeable. They are also fond of pushing members safely to be great. According to Clari, she has had the best workout experience ever with this gym and her results are amazing as well.

Patrick M. from Miami, FL claimed that Live Free Crossfit is the most inspiring Crossfit box in Miami area. He also said that the gym has a unique blend of love, family and t neighborhood comfort. According to Patrick, the coaches always make a sincere effort to know the need and names of the members. At Live Free Crossfit, everyone is acknowledged, celebrated and welcomed for their goals and accomplishments. Patrick also mentioned that he is proud to be a member of the gym.

You can contact Live Free Crossfitfitness centre on (786) 866-6125or visit their business website at www.livefreecrossfit.com to learn more.

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