10 Best fitness Centres In Miami Beach, Florida

  1. Normandy Gym


Normandy gym is another Miami gym located at 1145 71st Street Miami Beach, FL 33141.  The gym was established in 2002 to provide a motivational atmosphere for its community.  Normandy gym is managed by Roy S.

          A 52 years old Roy S. runs the front desk, selling memberships, updating the websites, explaining and enlightening clients and managing the gym’s social media platforms.  He has assumed that position since 2003.  Normandy gym was a family business offers a friendly and effective programs and services to its community.

          Normandy gym specializes in cardio boxing, Zumba, body sculpting, book camps spinning, techno-boxing, kickboxing classes among others.  The gym opens 7 days per week.  Normandy gym is an available gym for its client to get fit, lose weight, tone their body, pounds out stress and get results.

          Gala G. from Manhattan, NY reviewed that he loved the gym.  He mentioned that he signed for a couple of weeks though he was a little bit lazy for a few days.  He mentioned that the trainers were helpful, they made him stronger.  He mentioned that he loved the gym’s boxing studio with Rocky vibe.

          Manas, G. from Miami Beach FL claims that the gym was the ‘Best of the Best’.  He mentioned that the gym has no boutique, fake, nor fancy, but a real, effective and result getting classes.  She recommends the gym for anyone that wants to get into great body shape or have health goals.

          Contact Normandy Gym on (305) 865-8670 or via their business websites at www.normandygym.com to learn more.

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