1. City Gym


City gym is a fitness center located at 3485 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92501 cross streets near the intersection of University Ave and lemon street. It was founded by Halilee Blandwash with the belief that a gym should be more than just a place to work out but it shouldbe a place to belong.

City gymhas gainedlots ofawardto their credits.

Waldo’s best 2011

KC’s best fitness studio, 2014

KC’s best personaltrainer, 2014

Laura Mogenson, the fitness and wellness manager, and the other staff are nice and ever willing to help. With their core values and exceptional services, they are able to help their users achieve their desired fitness goal. They have the full weight rooms, cardio area, tanning, aerobic andshowers.

It opens 5am to 1pm from Monday to Thursday, 5am to 9pm on Friday and 7am to 7pm on Saturday andSunday.

Scottis reviewed that they have a great gym with tons of equipments to assist the users in getting their desiredresults.

For more information about City gym, you can dial the number 951-788-6115 or visit their website . www.citygymkc.com

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