10 Best Fitness Centres In Vancouver, WA

CrossFit Camas


Crossfit Camas is locatred at 19111 SE 34th St Ste 101 Vancouver, WA 98683.
CrossFIt Camas was established in the year 2007. It is the first CrossFit affiliate in SW Washington. Their mission is to provide a safe, positive and challenging environment that promotes well-being, fitness, health and even the community.

It is also said to be one of the original affiliates in the world. In CrossFit Camas fitness centre, they believe that their clients must be ready to give their all-training hard and getting results. They also have coaches for kids as well.

Their training is focused on increasing the general fitness from strength to endurance. That is, clients have to agree to get their weak points trained. The technique of their training is sport-like because it involves lifting, throwing, running, jumping, picking objects from the ground, pulling, pushing, standing up, and more in an endless variety.

Polly is the founder and she worked with team of 11 coaches. They are David, Matt, Tracey, Ross, Natalie, Tom, Rob, Arielle, Lori, Justin another female coach, also with the name Natalie. The following are their clients’ review of their fitness centre.

Rick D. from Camas, WA has been a member of the gym for almost 2 months and he mentioned that he has already started seeing changes in his body. H easlo mentioned that he has now been able to do things he never thought possible. Accroding to Rick, the instructors at the gym are helpful and knoelegeable.

Adam S. from St. Charles, IL dropped in at Crossfit Camas some weeks back and he claimed in his report that he had an awesome experience at the gym. He also mentioned that the coaches are very welcoming and knowledgeable. He also said the gym as a great fun atmostphere and community feel.

You can contact Crossfit Camas on their Phone number (360) 335-7154 or visit their business website at crossfitcamas.com

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