10 Best Gyms In Aurora, CO

10.  A1 Boxing And Fitness


A1 boxing and fitness is a fitness center in Colorado. The gym is located at 700 S Buckley Road Aurora. CO 80017. A1 boxing and fitness was established by Coach Glenn Goodson G. in the year 2005.

Coach Glenn is a passionate trainer. He was born in Fedville, North Carolina. He had experience in sport of boxing in form of training and caching. Glenn is a level 1 and 2 coach. He is also coaches’ representative at the board of Director for the state of Colorado. He is always glamoring knowledge as regards fitness exercises and boxing.

A1 boxing and fitness was designed toward serving its neighborhood in the Aurora area. the gym specializes in interesting activities, programs and work out such as; youth fitness programs, Gross fit, Kick boxing, boxing conditioning, USA boxing Amateur competition, Zumba, MMA, Taekwondo, and lots more for the delight and remuneration of its community and entire Aurora.

Bryan K. from Aurora, CO once participated in A1 boxing a few times and he mentioned that the gym was a god place for both beginners and professionals. He also mentioned that thought he had membership card at other gym in Colorado, but he chose A1 boxing and fitness for one-on-one fitness workout and more importantly for their cost which is like daily bill for other gym.

He also mentioned that he loved the first timers’ free trial classes and therefore, he recommends A1 boxing and fitness for anyone that aspires for a one-on-one trainer that could unleashed his/her true ‘you in you’ to try through their free trail classes.

He also mentioned that thought the place is in a location which could be seen as limitation to the enjoyable moment of her workout, but their services are amazing which is which she wished they could be in more than a location. A1 boxing and fitness offers workout at most affordable price in the state.

You can contact A1 boxing and fitness on (303) 696-2694 or visit their business website at www.a1boxingfitness.com to learn more.

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