10 Best Gyms In Aurora, CO

6. Orangetheory Fitness Southeast Aurora

Orange-Theory-Fitness1Orangetheory Fitness is gym with an energizing interval fitness concept, which is getting quite popular in the country. The gym is located at 4211 S Buckley Rd, Aurora, CO 80013. The fitness centre was established in 2010.

The Orangetheory Fitness gym has a unique workout that has been broken into intervals of strength training and cardiovascular by making use of different kinds of equipment, which includes SBT suspension, treadmills, free weight and rowing machines.

This workout is aimed at helping members to tone their body and gain enough energy all through the day.
There is a physiological theory on which the Orangetheory Fitness gym has been based on and that is EPOC (Excess Post-

Exercise Oxygen Consumption). The Orangetheory Fitness gym provides their member with POD and a heart rate monitor, which they also use to monitor members’ 5 zone interval training classes which according to the Orangetheory Fitness gym is called Orange 60.


The workout, which is designed to create an “after-burn” effect and produce a 200-400 calorie so that an individual’s metabolism can be increased to 24-36 hours after his or her exercise.

Chelsea A. from Fort Collins, CO claimed to love Orangetheory Fitness Southeast Aurora because she has been able to finally find the workout that perfectly works for her. She also said the trainers are enthusiastic and awesome. Chelsea also recommends this gym.

Tanya S. from Aurora, CO said she has interacted with many staff at the Orangetheory Fitness gym. She also mentioned that the owner and staff members are great and they have done a good job at passing information to their new members as well. According to Tanya, she has seen the value of her investment in herself.

You can contact the Orangetheory Fitness Southeast Aurora Training centre on (303) 645-4292 or visit their business website at www.orangetheoryfitness.com to learn more.

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