10 Best Gyms In Aurora, CO

8. SouthEast Fitness

save-on-12-sessions-of-small-group-fitness-training-with-the-on-5149972-small_lvSouthEast Fitness is one of the gyms in Aurora and it is located at 15528 E Hampden Cir, Aurora, CO 80013. The gym was established on December 7, 2012. SouthEast Fitness is owned by Dalene S, a mother and grandmother.

The SouthEast Fitness gym was actually taken over by Darlene and together with her staff, they have worked hard to repair, clean up, and renovate the pool and developing a good reputation. According to different reports gathered from clients’ reviews of the SouthEast Fitness , Dalene is extremely hard working and dedicated.

She enjoys participating in every aspect of the gym activities and she was also reported to be an amazing woman. The fitness centre was founded with the mission of bringing the community closer and together through fitness and health with the intension of providing informative, fun, friendly and safe environment for all their members to enjoy.

Vickie R. from Aurora, CO had been a member of two fancy gyms in the past but she said she was very excited that she found SouthEast Fitness because the place is reasonable, close to her place and the fact that it is locally owned. Vickie mentioned although SouthEast Fitness is not a fancy gym, but the place has everything you want in a gym but her complaint was that the pool is always chilly, but she would have preferred it to be a little warmer

You can contact the SouthEast Fitness centre on (720) 870-3332 or visit their business website at www.southeastfitnessaurora.com to learn more.

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