10 Best Gyms in San Francisco, California

  1. Equinox Pine Street


Equinox Fitness is a fitness centre that is located at 301 Pine St, San Francisco, CA 94104. The gym was started in September 23, 1991 and is owned by Harvey Spevak.

Equinox Training has a proprietary Three-Cycle System which was designed to keep you continuously stimulated. Once you finish 3, you return to Cycle 1 at a more advanced level. No plateaus allowed. Equinox also has certified personal trainers that complete 150 hours of education at the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI). Rigorous and world-renowned, it’s unlike anything else in the fitness industry.


Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI) ensures the scientific integrity of all movement, nutrition and regeneration programming behind the Equinox Personal Training model. Equinox is accountable to the principles of the human body and the evolving peer-reviewed research that drives the methods they use to affect it.

The various classes offered at Equinox Fitness include; The Cut, The Pursuit, Barre + Band, Fully Loaded, Precision Running, Best Butt Ever and Ropes & Rowers.

A client review on yelp.com from Veronica S who is a resident of San Francisco confirms this. She reported that there’s nothing that beats the quality of an Equinox. The facilities, amenities, and workout classes simply cannot be beat.

You can contact Equinox Fitness (Pine Street) on (415) 593-4000 or visit their website at www.equinox.com to learn more.

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