1. Pinnacle Fitness Club

NJK4coMnThe Pinnacle Fitness Club is one of the best fitness club in Omaha, Nebraska. It is located at 2027 Dodge St Omaha, NE 68102 with specialization in gyms and training activities etc.

The Pinnacle Fitness Club offers the latest ammenities in fitness exercise and wellness program. They welcome people of all ages and fitness levels with classes tailored to meet each members level. The club offers a healthy and comfortable environment for members to safely go about their workout sections. They boast of a tidy environment with well maintained facilities all housed in a spacious environment. The presence of highly trained fitness instructors makes their workout very effective thus making it easier for members to reach their fitness goals.

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They have the latest workout equipment and wellness programs. They equally boast of the presence of state of the art amenities (25-yard lap pool, Sauna, steam room and hot tub, Free weights and dumbbells, Indoor track, All-new weight and cardio equipment, etc) that provides accomodates all members and facilitates easy workout. Services like group classes, personal training sections, bootcamps etc are also offered. The classes offered is a great way to work out, socialize with friends and experience the support and motivation of the trainers to achieve the fitness goals. Do you desire strength-training, conditioning, flexibility, and toning, check out some of the programs available:

A couple of users experience gathered by this Nebraska fitness club review had some cogent facts about the club. Snow M. from Omaha, NE affirmed the availability of programs and workout facilities. She loved friendly and professional staffs as well. Julie D. from Omaha, NE expressed affection for the gym. She affirmed the neatness of the gym and the availability of the staffs to aid. There is a friendly atmosphere around the gym Julie reported.

 Phone number (402) 342-2582

Business website: www.pinnaclefitnessclub.com

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