1. Prairie Life Fitness


The Prairie Life Fitness is one of the best fitness club in Omaha, Nebraska. It is located at 31st & Farnam St Omaha, NE 68131, with specialization in Gym, pilates, recerational and training activities.

With a strict mission to provide all necessary assistance to members in helping them achieve their fitness goal, the Prairie Life Fitness club offers many program to assist members stay healthy and keep fit. On registering with the centre, members will be required to go through a jump start program. This will involve being assigned to a personal trainer to help set goals, make a health history evaluation, examine physical acessment and introduce them to the equipments available at the centre. Since their mission is to ensure every member’s success, the club offers a 6 weeks program (with three workout per week, and 12 personal training section)…with RESULTS GUARANTEED.

The Prairie Life Fitness welcomes everyone as they have qualities that makes them stand out.


Members are at liberty to attend any group fitness class at no charge, as their aim is to help offer all necessary form of assistance to make sure that the fitness goal is achieved. Classes offered include Kickboxing, Crunch, Combo, Toning, Step, Weights, Yoga, Dancing, Mat Pilates and More! In other words, everything needed to be in shape and stay fit is available at the centre. There are classes for youth and provisions for children as well.

A couple of users experience gathered by this Nebraska fitness club review established some claims about the centre. Ashley Rae T. from Omaha, NE affirmed that the Prairie Life Fitness centre is always kept clean. She loved the classes offered and the view she get to enjoy on the second and third floor.

Business Phone number (402) 916-5000

Business website: www.prairielife.com

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