The 18 Worse Foods For Diabetes That Is Dangerous To Your Status

worst foods for diabetesIn case you are diabetic, your physician ought to have assisted you to design a diet strategy that will certainly reduce signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus and at the same time not work against your diabetes drugs.  This diet regimen strategy will certainly not cover every kind of food. It is good for you to understand the way diets work and how the effect diabetes can possibly have on your body, as this will help you to have good decisions when it comes to the things that should go inside or body or not in the aspect of eating. In this manner, you would also have the feeling that you are involved in your own wellness.

Diabetic issues is a problem triggered by an unwanted of sugar in your blood. This happens as a result of the issue with the insulin in the body, as the insulin is the hormone that’s responsible for getting the body to store glucose into fuel for the body. In the case of a type 1 diabetes patient, the insulin just is not being created sufficiently due to damage on the part of the pancreatic (normally created by the person’s very own immune system) while in a type 2 diabetes, the problem happens because the body is no longer sensitive to the insulin that is being produced by it.

worst foods for diabetesDue to this, extra glucose are being produced in the body thereby resulting in nerves’ damage and other complications to the body. Another problem with insulin is that if it is not available, there will be complications when it comes to converting glucose to energy in the body of the patient. Doctors help patients to take care of this condition by administering anti-diabetic medications in which insulin itself is among and therefore utilise the replacement sugar.

This is why a great diet plan for a diabetic person should exclude some kinds of food. These kinds of food should be the one that consist of more glucose because it would affect the body negatively. Other kinds of food that should be avoided are those that have the ability to raise your cholesterol level or the ones that can interrupt the flow of blood in your body. Some of these foods might even be considered healthy but you really need to learn more about them and their possible effects on you. So, if you are diabetic, you might want to stay away from the following foods…

  1. Breakfast Pastries

worst foods for diabetesIf you are really interested in keeping your blood sugar levels under control, then it will do you good to stay away from bakery sweets like toaster pastries and doughnuts. This is because they are also made from white flours. Not only that, they are also high in sodium, carbohydrates and fat. You might want to specially avoid cinnamon rolls since it could be the most awful. It consists of more than 800 calories and approximately 120 grams of carbohydrate. Low-sugar jam and peanut butter are better since they are less processed and also have less sodium, fat and carbohydrates.

  1. Combined Coffees

Coffees that are mix and laced with sugar, whipped cream and syrup are capable of having as many fat gram and calories as possible. This makes them a bad choice of food for a diabetic person. Let’s take a look at 16-ounce Frappuccino as an example. This can consists of 9 grams of fat, 98 grams of carbohydrate and 500 calories. To you, you might just see this kind of coffee as if it is just a coffee, but the fact that it has been blended can rapidly increase your blood glucose levels really fast. Instead of combined coffee, you can ask for a non-fat version of this coffee, which has calories that are between 60 and 200.

  1. Banana and Melon

Banana and Melon are among the 18 worst foods for diabetes. Fresh fruit is jam-packed fibre and vitamins as well as fibre, which makes them a healthy and balanced component of any kind of diet plan. But the truth is, some fruits had more sugar in them. A Los Angeles Endocrinologist-Cathy Doria Medina testifies to the fact that bananas and melon are on the high-sugar side. She also made mention of stone fruits like nectarines and peaches as well.

worst foods for diabetesAlthough this depends on the individual body make up, but for some people especially those that are diabetic, these may cause a rise in their blood sugar. Since you cannot be too sure of how your body will react to the intake of these fruits, would it not be better to avoid them altogether? Instead of the above mentioned fruits, it is advisable that you go for berries, any kind and apples since they are low in sugar. According to Dr. Doria-Medina, what works for one diabetic person might not work for another person with the same medical condition, so it she advised that you find out the kind of fruit that will work for you. How? Make sure to test your blood sugar level 2 hours after you have taken the fruit in order to find our your body’s reaction to that particular fruit.

  1. Trail Mix

Trail mix that is gotten from the store consists of a blend of chocolate milk, dried fruit and nut. Although, the nuts are ok for a diabetic person, but even when they are moderate, they still consist og high calories. The process of dehydration makes the natural sugar in fruits to become very concentrated. With this, it is really easy to eat too much.

Why don’t you personally make your own low-carb blend? This way, you can add walnuts, roasted peanuts, soy nut, almonds with sunflower seeds a little quantity of unsweetened coconut. When nuts are taken moderately, it helps to reduce rise in the blood sugar level. Furthermore, when nuts are eaten with bread, it works well in reducing any risk of heart problem.

  1. Sweet

I believe by now, it is a common knowledge that high-sugar foods like syrup, cookies, candy and soda has no nutritional value whatsoever. But unfortunately, that is not all. These kinds of food also dramatically trigger a sudden rise in the blood glucose level and even further contribute generously to weight gain. We both know all the above can certainly have negative effect on any complications that might arise from diabetes. it will do you more good to satisfy your cravings with fruits that are of high quality.

worst foods for diabetesThese include grapes, berries, pears and other fruits that are loaded with fibre. This will help you to slow down the rate at which glucose is being absorbed by your body and further help you control your blood sugar. Next time you decide to snack on fruits, make sure to combine it with protein foods or a handful of nut as this will help to limit the effect on your blood glucose.

  1. Pretzels

It’s true that pretzels have a good reputation, but if you take the time to go through the lists of their ingredients, you will know that they do not deserve it. Almost every brand name is made from the very same fundamental active ingredients, which is salt, corn syrup, yeast, some veggie oil and white flour. This is wheat flour that has already has its fibre and nutrients stripped off. Although the fact that pretzel are not fried but baked saves you few calories, but the refined white carbohydrates is an enemy to your blood sugar and do not in any way have any positive effect on your appetite. Balanced and filling snacks are your best option. Go for snacks that include some protein as this will help you regulate your blood sugar level.

  1. White Rice

The more you eat white rice, the more you increase the risk of your diabetes. This was confirmed form a 2012 review, where a study was conducted on thousand of few and those who ate more white rice where exposed to greater risk of type 2 diabetes by 11%. White rice can trigger spike in your blood sugar.

worst foods for diabetesInstead of white rice, take wild rice ir brown rice. They do not cause a spike in your blood glucose level. They consist of fibre that helps to slow down the rate at which glucose rushes into the bloodstream. It was also discovered from a research from Harvard School of Public Health, that eating of brown rice 2 or 3 times in a week has a link the decrease in the risk of diabetes.

  1. Chinese Food

Chinese foods that are high in calories, sodium, fat and carbohydrates can dramatically spike your blood glucose and even make it remain high for a particular period of time.  The worst that you can even opt for are the kinds of Chinese foods that are fried. These include sour and sweet dishes that consist of breading and orange chicken and others that are served with sauce that are sugary. Are you the type that enjoys Chinese foods? No problem. You can instead prepare a Chinese recipe at home and modify it yourself by making use of low-sodium, flavours and condiments that are low in fat and veggies that have already been steamed. Reducing the sodium you take can reduce your risk of having heart problems and even helps to lower your blood pressure.

  1. Treat Cakes and Pastries

I believe it is something that is already well known that baked goods and snacks that have been packaged are usually loaded with white flours, sugar, preservatives and sodium. The sugar in them is combined in a harmful way. It can encourage inflammation and even trigger a sudden rise in your blood sugar level.

worst foods for diabetesIt is a common knowledge what kind of effect this will have on the ability of the insulin to perform well. In case you are not convinced enough to ignore these sweet treats that have been highly processed, then you should also know that they also contain transfat. These fats are toxic and are the most dangerous types of fat. It can raise your cholesterol levels and even put you at a higher risk of developing heart problem.

It’s typical understanding that packaged treats as well as baked products are filled with sugar, salt, shoddy white flour as well as chemicals. Their harmful combination of sugar as well as improved flour spikes blood sugar as well as advertises swelling, which conflicts with insulin’s capacity to operate appropriately. Make sure that you always go for packaged products with Zero grams of transfat. By abandoning these packaged treats, you’ll conserve calories and money, and still take a much better care of on your blood sugar.

  1. Bacon

Like dairy foods that are whole fat, marbled or fatty meat also consist of a large quantity of saturated fat. It launches swelling in the body and brings about numerous negative effects. Given that those with diabetes mellitus are currently at an enhanced danger of cardiovascular disease, consuming high-fat meats places them at an even higher risk compared to the ordinary individual. Rather than delighting in bologna, fatty bacon and hotdogs, you should instead load your plate with lean healthy protein selections like skinless turkey and chicken, shellfish and fish.

  1. Whole Milk

worst foods for diabetesIf you have diabetes mellitus, then it would be at your advantage to know that whole milk isn’t your friend. In fact, any diet that is high in saturated fat will only add to the existing problem with your insulin. Try to keep whole milk out of your reach. Not only that, try as much as possible to stay away from any other form of whole milk, which includes dairy products like cream cheese, full-fat yoghurt and instead go for 1% low fat or non-fat milk.

  1. White Bread

Any refined starch generally is bad for you. This can come in form of white rice, white bread, white pasta and any other kinds of food that are made with white flour. This is because they mimic the activities if sugar as soon as they are being assimilated by your body.  You can opt for whole grains instead. They are a much better option due to the fact that they’re richer in fiber and also typically trigger a steadier and slower surge in blood sugar. The problem with whole grains is that the ones that are high quality is have a way of raising the blood sugar level to some extent, so it is advisable that you just make use of limited amount of the whole grains as well. You can stick to ¾ or half cup of cooked grains. As for bread, you can go with just a slice of it.

  1. Syrup & Pancakes

The combinations of the two above are the worst food a diabetic person would want to take. Most of the pancakes out there are full of white flour. The added butter is the extremist. Butter is packed with saturated fat that is capable of clogging the artery. Also, just a few pour of gooey pancake syrup includes 16 tsps of straight sugar to your morning meal.

worst foods for diabetesThis overload of sugar and starch will finitely add more to your blood sugar level apart from the fact that it might also help you add weight, I believe that isn’t a good development for your diabetes. When next you are eating out or at a dinner, try to ignore those pancakes and get something that is rich in protein and low in carb.

  1. Raisins

You may think taking raisin is a better alternative to cookies, but do you know it can also increase your blood glucose levels? This is the reason; in the process of dehydration, the natural sugars in fruits will come out to be concentrated. This will cause a bad rise in the blood sugar level as at the time which they are taken by the body at a fast rate. This is just another reason why you need to get yourself glued to fresh whole fruits. Examples include strawberries, grapefruits and peaches.

  1. Fruit Juice

worst foods for diabetesAs we all know that fruits are rich in fibre and healthy also. They are as well more nutritious than sugary drinks. It is unfortunate that the same thing can’t be said concerning fruit juice for diabetic people. This is because fruit juices are packed with fruit sugar. This is why they are capable of being responsible for sudden spike in the blood sugar level. According to Joel Zonszein,M.D., if you pair a glass of orange juice with your meal, it is as good as taking a can of soda because they both have the same level of sugar and calories.

Instead of fruit juice, you can opt for whole fruits that are full of fibre. This will go a long way in regulating your blood sugar level. It will also give your body calories that are not in excess and assist you to lose some pound as well. You can also decide to go for a healthier drink that has no calories at all and add little lime or lemon.

  1. Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies also sound healthy, right?  I bet you have always seen it as healthy refreshment. But the truth is that for a diabetic person, it could be harmful. For example, let’s take a look at a large 28-ounce smoothie from jamba juice. It consists of up to 510 calories and 92 grams of carbs. They are full of sugar and if you decide to take a large jamba juice, you might as well take 3 cans of soda instead since they are equivalent. I believe you know exactly what you are asking for taking 3 cans of soda with your diabetes.  It is better for you to make your very own smothie so you could regulate precisely what enters it. You can add veggies like spinach or kale. You should also be sure to make use of fruits that are low in sugar. Examples include berries generally and green apples.

  1. Pasta Alfredo

worst foods for diabetesAlfredo sauce is made from plenty of butter, parmesan cheese and heavy cream.  When added to your meal and white fettuccine noodles, could quickly cover 75 grams of fat, a 100 grams of carbs and 1,000 calories. White flour pasta in a high sodium and high-sodium sauce could raise blood glucose over an extended period of time as a result of the high fat material present in the sauce. You could instead have whole-wheat pasta with a sauce that is tomato based.

  1. French Fries

Taking too much of oily fried foods can result in excess weight gain and caught damage to your blood sugar levels.  it on oily, deep-fried foods could lead to weight gain as well as inflict mayhem on your blood sugar. Potato chips, french fries and doughnuts are especially bad selections for diabetics due to the fact that they’re made with components that are heavy in carbs and starch and these could trigger blood sugar degrees to fire up.

It is not a new knowledge that fried foods soak up lots of oil, which results to lots excess calories. Fried appetizers and fried chicken are even further coated in breading. This will definitely raise the level of calorie count more. Most fried foods are also prepared with trans fats that are unhealthy. This is simply because they have been fried deeper in hydrogenated oils. These results to increase in your bad cholesterol and increase even further your put you more at the risk of developing heart problems. Maybe you already have diabetes or you are looking to prevent the disease, there is no way you can incorporate trans fat in your diets and be safe. This is the more reason why you should stay away from hydrogenated oils and keep it far from you plates as well.


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