7 Weight Loss Tips To Achieve A Finely Shaped Body

Losing weight can appear to be very tough. There are times when you feel like you’re doing all the right things the right way, and still not getting the results you desire; toned and lean muscle, a slimmer waistline and a finely shaped body. If you have been feeling this way, then it’s time to go through everything once again to be sure you are not indirectly sabotaging your weight loss goals yourself. Example of this is following outdated and misguided advice on weight loss.

Following the following tips or keeping them in mind in your weight loss journey can help you get a toned and finely shaped body.

1. Stop Obsessing Over The Scale Weight 

There are times that despite faithfully sticking to a diet and doing everything right, you just feel like you’re not shedding those pounds fast enough. How accurate is the body fat scale? But you should know first that the numbers on the scale are just a measure of changes in your weight. You can track your weight loss progress without using the scale. There are several things that contribute to body weight.

finely shaped body

These include how much food you still have in your body system and the fluctuations of body fluid. Depending on how much liquid and food you have taken, your weight can fluctuate by up to 1.8kg (4lb).

Another thing is that hormonal changes such as increased levels of estrogen and results in plenty of water retention, which will also reflect on the weight scale. The number on the scale may not be moving if your body is holding on to water but that does not mean you are not losing fat mass.

Depending on the reading of the scale to monitor your weight loss progress might discourage you if you don’t see the number you want. You will feel bad and want to seek comfort, which you would want to find in delicious fast food. You can make use of tape measure for your waistline.

2. Moderate Exercise

While trying to lose weight with a diet, it is wise to add exercise to it. Not doing this can result in slower metabolic rate and loss of muscle mass. Generally, losing weight involves losing fat and some muscle mass.

But with exercise, you can reduce the amount of lean muscle you lose in the process. Exercising will also prevent your slow metabolism. Having more lean muscle mass makes it easier to lose weight and maintain it.

finely shaped body

On the other hand, overdoing exercise is not effective. You should know the difference between training hard and overtraining. It is also unhealthy. Too much exercise can lead to stress. At least that is how your body is going to see it.

According to several studies, excessive exercises result in chronic stress, which can sabotage your effort to achieve a finely shaped body. Also, over-exercising can impair adrenal hormones productions, which are responsible for regulating the response of stress.

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3. Lift Weights

finely shaped body

It is incredibly important for you to performing resistance training during your weight loss.

According to studies, one of the most effective workout strategies for increasing metabolism and gaining muscle is lifting weights. This also helps to boost the loss of belly fat and also improves body composition.

Facts from a review of different studies of more than 700 participants revealed that the best exercise strategy for weight loss is combines weightlifting and aerobic exercise such as bodyweight exercises.

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4. Eat Enough Protein

Several studies and reviews have shown the effects of protein on appetite control. If you are trying to lose weight it is extremely important that you get enough protein. In different ways, protein has proved very effective for weight loss.

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Protein increases the feeling of fullness and helps you to reduce appetite. It also reduces your intake of calories and helps to speed up your metabolic rate. With protein, you would not have to worry about losing muscle mass during weight loss.

So, if you want to optimize your weight loss, you just have to make sure you have foods that are high in protein in each of your meals.

5. Get Enough Fiber

Eat enough fiber. It helps to reduce appetite by filling you up. This way, you will eat less. Having enough fiber in your meal will as well help you reduce the rate at which you absorb calories from other foods.

get a finely shaped body

According to researchers, you can be able to reduce your daily calories intake by 130 if you double your daily intake of fiber. This is because when you already have a high fiber intake; it prevents you from absorbing some of the calories from other foods.

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According to studies, your weight loss goal can benefit from all types of fiber but researchers suggest that viscous fiber is much more effective for weight loss than others.

They help to reduce your calories intake and control your appetite more than others. This viscous fiber forms a gel that holds water, which moves slowly through your digestive system and makes you feel full.

6. Stay Away from Sugar Foods & Drinks

You have probably heard this a million times. It is a good thing for you to cut sweetened beverages out of your diet as you are trying to lose weight but don’t believe it is also smart for you to resort to drinking fruit juice.

You can still invite weight and health problems similar to the ones that are caused by sweetened beverage by taking 100 fruit juice. The grams of sugar in 12 ounces of cola is not up to the 36 grams of sugar that you get from 12 ounces of whole apple juice.

According to studies, you might be consuming more calories this way since you are still getting a lot of sugar. So, getting rid of your craving for sugar will be a good way to start.

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7. How Realistic Are Your Goals?

finely shaped body

This is more important when it comes to achieving a finely shaped body. Health-related goals and weight loss goals are meant to keep you motivated in your weight loss journey, but make sure they are realistic. If your expectations are not, it could work against you.

Unrealistic goals can lead to frustration, which can make you give up. Having a modest goal will increase your chances of achieving your weight loss goals. You will not also have to get discouraged.

Reminds me of analyzed data from different weight loss program, which reported that obese and overweight women were the most likely to drop out after a few months to the program. It was because they expected to lose the most weight.

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