Best 10 Fitness Centres In Winston-Salem; North Carolina

7. Master’s Fitness


Master’s fitness is a fitness training center providing awesome trainers who take people trying to becoming good athlete through effective workout processes. It is located at 214 N Broard St Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Master’s fitness was established in 2010 by Brad M.

The owner of Master’s Fitness Brad has been dwelling in the fitness industry ever since 1987. Brad’s experience is too varied to take on this space but ranges from nutrition trainings through bodybuilding, personal fitness training, club running & now co-ownership with Elle his wife of Master’s Fitness, kettlebells and more…  Brad has owned & operated a personal training business, Integrity Health, around the time 1997. His wife Elle and himself came up with Master’s Fitness, to give the community what they really needed to begin living fit, they made available all facilities meant to assist the process. All of this came to lame light in year 2010.

Brad wrote and I quote “Come see why kettlebell training with StrongFirst(SFGII) & Russian Kettlebell Challenge(RKCII) teachers is superior to all other approaches. Your results will speak volumes and you will not be disappointed”

Master’s Fitness has programs that will definitely put people on their rightful spot with fitness. The classes range from one to another depending on one’s choice of select. Highlighted below are the class sessions undergone at the fitness center in Winston-Salem:

  • Zumba classes
  • Sports performance
  • One-on-one training
  • Nutritional Training
  • Martial Arts
  • Kettlebell group classes
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Functional fitness
  • Boxing

Wilson B who is a resident of Winston-Salem is highly recommending the Master’s fitness training center for someone people wants to do effective workouts. Lisa F another reviewer on yelp believes that Brad and Elle are wonderful trainers, she claims to have enjoy every of their workout routines.

Contact Details

Phone Number: (336) 722-4242

Business Website:

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