how to lose weight with the busiest lifestyle

Bodyweight Burn Program on How To Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle

According to Adam Steer, the author of Bodyweight Burn program, when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, every step you take towards it matters. People usually believe they have to work out for an hour in the gym or eat diets full of superfoods to lose weight or stay fit and when they can’t carve out time for the real bodyweight burn they desire; they tend to give up trying.

Almost everyone is busy these days and has to deal with a tight daily schedule, which leaves them with no time to work out or visit the fitness center to achieve bodyweight burn.

Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle

Before you start viewing your whole day as a failure or success, consider your decisions and make sure each one gives you a chance towards doing something healthy.

Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle

If you also think you are too busy to exercise, then there is a perfect plan for you. The Bodyweight Burn program discusses the effectiveness of bodyweight for weight loss, the health benefits of bodyweight exercises and how to lose weight with the busiest lifestyle with some weight loss tips that can help you get rid of excess body fat without taking your time.

Ways to Lose Weight with the Busiest Lifestyle And Still Achieve Bodyweight Burn

  1. Get Rid Of The All-Or-Nothing Mentality – That you skipped the gym doesn’t mean you should ignore your calorie intake all through the day.
  2. Workout With Your Buddy – A tip from a study reported by JAMA Internal Medicine Schedule a workout date with your buddy. This way, you will socialize, work out and can still hit the bar later.
  3. Program Your Dinner – Before going to a happy hour or work dinner, make sure you have eaten something first such as an apple; it will help you reduce your overall calorie intake by 20%.
  4. Practice Visualization – Whenever you skip the gym, research your workout routine mentally in your mind. Sounds like woo-woo technique, right?  However, you must have seen bobsledders, NASCAR racers and professional athletes stepping on board with eyes closed or locked in a gaze. Like them, you can also go through your workout routine in your mind over and over again. It will only take some minutes. Jon Gabriel’s method may be quite helpful.
  5. Ditch Sedentary Behaviours – Too much sedentary lifestyle isn’t good for your waistline, heart or brain. Get active at every chance you have. Fidget, walk, stand, take the staircase and avoid the easy way of doing things to get active
  6. Don’t Skip Meals – The Bodyweight Burn program emphasizes that not eating for hours can slow down your metabolism, which affects your hormones and levels of insulin. This has a bad effect on your food choices.
  7. Get Enough Sleep – There are times you wish that there are more than 24 hours in a day and get tempted to wake up too early or stay up late. This habit can have a negative impact on your weight loss efforts.


Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle

How to Lose Weight with the Busiest Lifestyle – Trying HIIT

You might have heard about HIIT and if not, you will learn about it here today and understand why you should give it a try.

H.I.I.T (high-intensity interval training) will make you sweat and breath hard. It will also help you maximize the health benefits of working out without having you commit too much time to it. The best thing about H.I.I.T is that, it has been proven to work by science.

H.I.I.T. focus on the idea of engaging in strenuous exercise because the short bursts from it usually has a big impact on one’s body.

Short workouts, such as the ones suggested by Adam Steer in the Bodyweight Burn program, which last for 20 minutes, have been known to be very good for the lungs, heart and metabolism. It is also one of the ways to detoxify your body naturally.

However, all these benefits and more come in a package with H.I.I.T., which lasts for just few minutes.

This may seem like a woo-woo workout, but learning and adapting to this workout technique can save you hours in the fitness centre. This workout method is the best for anyone that doesn’t have time to exercise.

You can try H.I.I.T. with any aerobic workout of your choice. You can apply this principle of High-Intensity Interval Training to skipping, hopping, rowing, jumping rope, swimming, stair climbing, biking or running.

H.I.I.T. might lasts only minutes, but the workouts are pretty tough and they require you to work hard on your body and pushing it near its limit.

Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle

How To Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle – Just How Much HIIT Do You Need To Achieve Bodyweight Burn

According to the Bodyweight Burn program, H.I.I.T workout isn’t just a casual stroll that you can take down the street and neither is it a run-till-your-heart-burst explosion.

You won’t be winded but simply breathless and don’t think your heart will explode, it will just be pounding.

Even if your legs will be pumping, you will still be able to control it. This type of workout does not require the use of fancy heart rate monitors. Instead, you can rely on the cues from your body to guide you.

While doing an H.I.I.T, you might not be able to say a complete sentence, but you should still be able to say single words. You can still do a little chit chat with your workout buddy.

How To Lose Weight With The Busiest Lifestyle –Training –30, 20, 10 Seconds

The Bodyweight Burn program focuses on the fact that you don’t have to be bored while working out, so you can start by adding variety of aerobic movements that you are comfortable with to your high-intensity sessions. This way, you can easily remember them and still have some fun while at it.

The essentials for this short time training are simple. You can run, ride or row gently for 30 second, then accelerate to a pace that is moderate, which can last for 20 seconds, after which you can now sprint as hard as you possibly can for 10 seconds. Repeat.

Just as suggested by the Bodyweight Burn program, you don’t necessarily have to monitor your activities with a stopwatch in order to change from 30-, 20- to 10 seconds. Instead of doing that, you should count to yourself. Also makes the intervals roll from one to another faster.

The best part of this whole activity, such as the ones in the Bodyweight Burn program, is that the all-out portion of the training, which is gruelling, lasts for just 10 seconds.

This is really a simple program, but you can rely on it to help you achieve the maximum benefit from a short workout by improving your endurance and heart health. Do this with the cardiovascular activity that you enjoy most.

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