4 Workout Tips To Reduce Belly Fat

reduce belly fatWhat is the biggest reason why we find it hard to stick to our exercise routine?

It’s time.

When you think of the efforts you make towards squeezing a trip to a fitness centre and thinking about a shower and change of clothes, you may become less motivated, especially when you have a hectic schedule.

All these can make the most dedicated fitness buff into someone less buff.

According to some scientists in New Zealand, it was discovered recently that both women and men who participate in 10-minute exercise before each of their meals saw reduced levels of blood glucose, which is very beneficial if you are trying to bust fat.

1. Your workout isn’t challenging enough

In order to get rid of stubborn belly fat; you have to find a way to ramp up your exercises. It was revealed in a study reported in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, that people who performed a high-intensity exercise routine were able to lose more belly fat more than the ones who followed a low-intensity workout plan.

In fact, the people who completed the low-intensity exercises did not experience any significant changes at all. According to Bruce Krahn, a certified fitness expert and the author of Lean Belly Breakthrough program, since the end goal is for you to burn more calories, you need to exercise at full intensity and that’s what you can only achieve through high intensity exercise.

With high intensity workouts, you will be going all out for as long as you want. Does this sound intimidating to you, then you should think of the advantage, which is that you’ll be able to burn more calories in lesser time.

2. Doing The Wrong exercises

Do you also do crunches until the cows come back home? Bad idea. By the time you are down to your last bit of belly fat, that crunch isn’t the needed exercise that will help you to reveals your abs finally.

Don’t think of spot reduce, not going to work. Instead of this, just do some functional exercises that required you to make use of the muscles, such as your pelvic, obliques, back, abdominal and other parts of the body.

Since core exercises use more muscles, you will be burning a higher rate of calories as you perform them. Personally, planks are my best functional exercise. Not only do they activate your core, but they also do the same thing to your butt muscles, leg and arm.

You can meet with a personal trainer at any of the best fitness centres around you to help you create a proper workout plan that will suit your tight schedule.

So, which one would you prefer? Is it half cup of ice-cream or having yourself enjoyed 3 scoops of sorbet?

3. Wrong workout

A daily run or Spin class is beneficial to your heart; however you can’t expect much from cardio workouts alone when it comes to your waist. According to Sangeeta Kashyap, M.D., who is also an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic, to achieve the perfect size of waist you want, you will need to do a combination of cardiovascular training and weights.

With strength training, you can increase your muscle mass, which can help you set your body up to a fat-burning mode.

Lean muscle mass burns more calories than fat, and therefore having more muscles helps you to naturally burn more calories all through the day.

Kate Patton, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic recommends 25 minutes of high-intensity or moderate intensity exercise in a week.

4. Skip Bootcamp

Open any fitness magazine, and it’s clear: High intensity interval training (HIIT) is popular for its effectiveness. It’s all there in any fitness magazine.

However, ifyou are looking to shrink your belly fat is concerned, HIIT won’t get you anywhere you want. All you can get from this start-and-stop exercise strategy is a larger pair of pants instead of a flat belly.

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Obesity , people who completed interval training using an exercise bike for about 24 minutes for 3 days a week end up gaining 0.7% abdominal fat within a period of 12-week.

However, other people that were on the same dietician-regulated diet, but completed traditional aerobic exercises such as 45 minutes of moderate cycling 3 days a week got rid of 3% of their belly fat within the same 12 weeks.

Although researchers of this study recognised the fact that HIIT improved fitness, but they suggest that the only thing to support the efficiency of HIIT method for weight loss was the study that used young people who were already healthy and lean.

You can as well go for short circuits exercises such as the one in Lean Belly Breakthrough guide. It offers different exercises that can help you blast your core without you having to rely on some traditional sit-ups. They are also easy enough to squeeze in before meal and you can perform them in the comfort of your living room.

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