Sugar Addiction-18 Best Ways To Get Rid Of It

We’re not talking about some unlawful or unsafe drug here; we’re talking about sugar. Even though It’s thought to be safe in contrast with some other things, too much of sugar can trigger a host of issues for a lot of us: binge consuming, food cravings, excess weight gain and heart condition out of many others.

As least half of the sugar we take are from fruit drinks, soft drinks, and sports drinks. Others are most of the time the uninvited guest that find their ways into our diets in the form of teriyaki sauce, ketchup, chocolate milk and the well-known sweets like ice-creams, cakes and cookies, cakes, ice cream and sometimes in our breakfast cereal. Remarkably, some “healthy foods” such as yogurt and instantaneous flavoured oatmeal can load in 20-30 grams (5-7 teaspoons) of unneeded included sugar!

sugar addiction

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