5 Awesome Foods That Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

Eat To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Is your belly fat disfiguring you? Are you not confident enough to keep up at a fitness center? If you have been looking for effective ways to burn stubborn belly fat fast, food plays an important role in this. You just have to learn to eat right; eat your […]

Risks Of Belly Fat – Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Waistline

Risks Of Belly Fat – Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Waistline The health risks of excess belly fat are being highlighted for both men and women and people are  encouraged to pay attention to the size of their waistline. Risk of disease If you are storing fat around your midsection, your health could […]

Belly Fat: 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Belly Fat: 6 Reasons You’re Not Losing Belly Fat Most people decide they need to get rid of belly fat for beauty’s sake or to have a finely shaped body but it is more important than vanity’s sake. Too much belly fat, especially the one known as visceral fat is more dangerous. Visceral fat is […]

10 Ways To Control Your Cortisol Naturally For Better Weight Loss

Why You Should Control Your Cortisol Naturally If you are exercising to lose weight, then you must be sure you are doing the right exercise for the right time duration. This is because you want to avoid excess release of this stress hormone. The fact that an elevated cortisol levels in the body can make […]

How Effective Are Bodyweight Exercises – Can You Lose Weight With Them?

Weight Loss – How Effective Are Bodyweight Exercises? So, the question here is, can bodyweight exercise help you lose weight? The answer? Yes and no. Exercise does not have the same effect on every body’s body composition, at least not the same way. Everyone is different. Additionally, there are other factors that determine whether you’ll […]