How To Get Rid Of Disgusting Age Related Fat Gain And Muscle Loss Weight gain seems to be inevitable as you age, right? A lot of people tend to add more weight as they grow older, which does not have to be that way. Here, we will talk about why weight

Over 50 Lifestyle – 5 Tips For Work-Life Balance As an adult over 50, you have so many things calling for your attention. This includes your job, personal life, families, financial issues, aging parents and the aging changes that are taking place in your own body. Fred Schafer mentioned in his guide,

Over 50 Fitness – 6 Awesome Ways Your Body Benefits From An Active lifestyle Even though some middle-age people are aware of the importance of exercises, they still look for ways and hold on to many excuses to avoid it. To some, exercise makes them vulnerable to injury. Others think it is

Over 50 Fitness – Overcoming Obstacles To Working Out It can be quite challenging to start or maintain a regular workout routine at any age. This challenge does not get easier as one gets older. There are lots of things that can discourage you as an older adult. There are pains

Over 50 Mindset Training - Stop Giving in to Gym Dread Gym dread can be experienced by anyone, even the older adults. You can add this to their endless lists of excuses, among which is being weak, fear of sustaining injuries and being too old for exercise.  You don’t have to

Over 50 Health And Lifestyle - Do These For A Healthier Living Once you hit the age of 50, you apparently need to expect some changes in your body. And we both know they are not the kind of changes you will fall in love with. However, I believe that knowing about