The 10 Best Fitness Centers In Toledo, Ohio

  1. Crossfit Lifesport

This is one of the best fitness centers in Toledo located at 3128 Douglas Rd, Toledo, OH 43606 with specialization in ancestral/evolutionary functional fitness.

Crossfit Lifesport was established in 2008 by Todd O who is knowledgeable and a top notch coach who channels his wealth of experience in delivering great fitness service. Todd O developed a very comprehensive programme for fitness that addresses fitness from different core areas to achieve a great overall positive effect on his customers.

Crossfit Lifesport can accommodate people from age 8-88; this is a wide range for people that actively need help with their fitness. You can come to the Crossfit Lifesport as long as you have the desire and strength to work out. It has a great environment for all.

The different age bracket has different environment to suit their training. Crossfit Lifesport offers a combined therapy has regards fitness with focus on

  • Nutrition (Paleo food)
  • Movement/mobility
  • Sleep

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Crossfit Lifesport realize that people’s lifestyle is integral to the success of work outs and that is the reason they incorporated other important factors that are related with fitness. To learn how to make healthy food in Paleo classes, members are to pay $8 and non members $12. Croosfit Lifesport programs also focus on cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

It has been reported by elderly clients that their movements have been highly improved by the fitness training. Athletes and other clients have also benefited immensely from the program with increased self esteem, better fitness and health. Crossfit Lifesport makes training both fun and challenging which is an important feature appreciated by customers.

The crossfit Lifesport centre can be reached on the mobile number (419) 450- 9056 and further information can be gotten on their website

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