The 10 Best Fitness Centers In Toledo, Ohio

  1. Fitness 19


Fitness 19 is one of the best fitness centers in Toledo located at 2588 W Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 43613 with specialization in Gym. Fitness 19 was established in 2003 by fitness industry veterans to bridge the limitations of traditional health club model thereby meeting the needs of the moment. This is an essential feature especially now that we have emerging diseases and defective lifestyles.

Fitness 19 has top notch cardio machines and free weights. The gym is clean and there is a huge draw room for kids. Adults with children and do not have who to leave them with or want their kids to also workout find the Fitness 19 center just perfect as they have their kids around them while training.

This also inculcates a right attitude to healthy lifestyle in them at a tender age which will raise a generation of healthy individuals. Guests are also granted free pass; this is to allow them have access to the gym and a foretaste of the Fitness 19 center. This also projects the good image of Fitness 19. Classes include Zumba, Boot camp, Yoga, Pilates, Spinn and Insanity. Personal training is also available.


Fitness 19 is dedicated to healthy lifestyle without hefty cost for individuals and families. These affordable prices are very appealing to customers and help them save cost and also satisfy their desire for healthy lifestyle workouts. Customers also benefit from the expertise of professional trainers who are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable to answer your questions.

Fitness 19 trainers also update themselves with the services they are offering by adding medical knowledge to what they do. This helps them to make customers stay focused on their goal as they are provided with the needed motivation even when they feel like quitting.

Worthy of note are the following comments of customers

  • Marla B- meeting of goal to lose weight as an obese person and winning the first annual weight loss competition with greater health, self image an d fitness.
  • Skip K- facilities and equipment are top o the line and this is the best gym.

Additional information about Fitness 19 can be gotten on and they can also be contacted on their mobile number (419) 472- 1319.

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