The 10 Best Fitness Centers In Toledo, Ohio

  1. Lb’s Circuit Training

download (6)LB’S Circuit Training is one of the top fitness centers in Toledo located at 2934 Douglas Rd Toledo, OH 43606 with specialization in training.

Drop in classes are available for just $5 , Unlimited weekly and monthly classes are on at different fair prices. LB’S Circuit Training center has a customized sweat #REPYOURGYM shirts that customers can buy and wear. Thus helps to publicize and promote the image of LB’S Circuit Training center.

Users reported that the LB’S Circuit Training center is clean and welcoming. You can be sure of getting the comfortable environment you need for your training. The atmosphere is friendly and people fit like families.


Everyone is willing to encourage the other to go through the rigors of training in a fun filled manner yet achieving fitness. Children, youths and adults are all accommodated at the LB’S Circuit center which makes the environment lively. You always look forward to your next training time.

The LB’S Circuit Training center can be reached via phone number (419) 279- 5921 and further information can be accessed on their website at

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