The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Durham, North Carolina

6. Warriors Playground

The Warriors Playground is one of the best fitness centers in Durham, North Carolina. It is located at 2320 Presidential Dr Ste 109 Durham, NC 27703, with specialization in gyms activities.

The Warrior’s Playground is the most creative group fitness gym located in Durham, North Carolina. Over the years, they have trained countless gym enthusiast and recorded amazing results of clients achieving their fitness goal. Members are assured of their capability to get them trained to achieve whatever fitness goal they might have by combining extreme boot camp and heart pumping cardio workout! Whatever the fitness goal client might have (be it weight loss, strength training, endurance, or even to manage health conditions), they have programs tailored to deliver results.

They pride themselves in attracting gym enthusiast all over Durham, delivering an intense approach to fitness workout that delivers an exciting and addictive fitness experience. Some of the workout classes are:

  • Warrior Classes (45min): Suitable for all seeking to lose weight and get their muscle toned. All Warrior Classes are high intensity interval training with very little rest breaks, similar to the Tabata Protocol, and guaranteed to burn up to a thousand calorie per class
  • Warrior Boxing (45min): provides a great workout as you torture a 100lb bag with a series of punching and kicking combinations
  • Extreme Outdoor Fitness (45min): Suitable for members that desire total calorie burn in the shortest time possible. This program will get you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body.

Evon B. From Durham, NC expressed satisfaction with the friendly staffs. He reported that he was challenged and motivated all through the boxing section. Colleen M. from Durham, NC reported fun with the outdoor equipments. He also reported the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to assist.

Phone number (919) 724-0725

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