The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Durham, North Carolina

8. ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance


The ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance fitness centre is one of the best fitness club in Durham, North Carolina. It is located at 4221 Garrett Rd Ste 1-2 Durham, NC 27707, with specification in Gyms and physical therapy. It was established in Nov 2014 by Brian Diaz.

The founder, Brian Diaz established the ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance with the intention of creating an environment where people gather together and enrich their life. Thus the ActivEdge Fitness & Sports Performance welcomes people of all age and fitness level, providing them with very effective programs that address their specific need. The club, a physical therapy and personal training studio focuses on offering all necessary assistance to members in achieving their fitness goal. Be it weight Loss, sports performance, rehabilitation, etc.


Members will have access to personal training sections as well as group training. The club offers a variety of program/classes like Pilate and others summarized below:

  • Pilates Mat: Members will have access to a comprehensive mat-based Pilates class suited for all level
  • Pilates Stretch – Suited for all levels as well and utilizing a contract-release method, the trainers will help you find a new level of flexibility in your body.
  • Kettlebells – is a class designed on how to safely and effectively swing those circular shaped weights and see the amazing results they offer
  • Advanced Cross Training – This workout includes a mix of Olympic lifting, gymnastics, speed training, and metabolic conditioning which offers challenging and energetic workouts that test the entire body.
  • Trx® Suspension Training –
  • Indoor Cycling –
  • Slow Flow Yoga –
  • Bodyedge Express Pump –
  • Bootcamp H.I.I.T. –

Members will also have access to top-of-the-line equipment to enhance their workout section with a very neat workout atmosphere.

Lindsay B. From Durham, NC reported satisfaction with the gym. She affirmed the presence of up-to-date and clean equipment. She loves the affordable group classes as well. Charlotte S. From Ithaca, NY also reported that the Pilate classes offered are great. She also affirmed to the neatness of the gym and the availability of necessary equipments as well.

Phone number (919) 493-1204

Business website:

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