The 10 Best Fitness Centres In Durham, North Carolina

9. CrossFit RTP


One of the best fitness centers in Durham, North Carolina, the CrossFit RTP specializes in Gyms and training activities. It is located at 4909 S Alston Ave Durham, NC 27713, and established in 2011.

The CrossFit RTP is a result oriented fitness centre that believes in training hard to get result. It is a fitness minded community, located in strength and conditioning facility focused on developing elite fitness levels in all members. They welcome people of all age and fitness level as they have got programs suited for all and sundry. They pride themselves in producing world class athletes, healthy habits, and independent able bodies. They also believe everybody is an athlete, thus any member who would like to increase his/her fitness level is welcomed at the centre.

They are different from everyday gym as members will not find any treadmills, mirrors, or televisions on entering the CrossFit RTP. All clients will see is plenty of hard work, dedication, and true fitness. Members are assured of a rewarding fitness journey at the CrossFit RTP as it is a community of supportive people. Members are assured of fitness program that is tailored to their specific need, broad, general and intense.


They boast of well trained coaches that are patient, educated, and passionate about getting you results. Below summarizes the programs offered at the CrossFit RTP

  • CrossFit
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Personal Training
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Gym

A couple of users experience gathered by this Anaheim fitness club review established some claims made by the gym. Kevin R. From Cary, NC affirmed that the centre has got knowledgeable coaches. He reported that the workout at the CrossFit RTP and also recommended her for interested users. Gabe C. from Humble, TX also reported an amazing experience at the CrossFit RTP. She affirmed the professionalism of the trainers as well as the clean, environment.

Phone number (919) 885-4787

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