The 10 Best Fitness Centres in Madison, Wisconsin

4. Princeton Club Xpress


Princeton Club Xpress was born out of a deep desire to serve members needs. One of the most important parts of regular exercise is that your club be conveniently located. Combining the Princeton Club’s long time commitment to excellence, with the convenience of smaller facilities, produced Princeton Club Xpress. Many smaller clubs have had to sacrifice quality to provide a convenient club. The most exciting part of Xpress is that you no longer have to sacrifice; Xpress clubs have maintained the same level of excellence you have come to expect from Princeton Clubs. The equipment, layout, finishes, parking, it is all designed to maximize your experience.

At no additional cost, all current Princeton Club members will have immediate access to all of the Xpress Clubs. This will dramatically increases the convenience and accessibility of exercise for all members.


Additionally, they offer memberships to the Xpress Clubs at very affordable rates. Xpress Club Members will have access to all Xpress locations in and around Madison. If the time comes when an Xpress member wants access to the amenities offered at the large clubs they are able to immediately upgrade their membership.

For prospective members there is a free one week membership that can be downloaded online at their website and you can also go to their address to check out their facilities and schedules as well at 625 N. Segoe Road, Madison, WI.

It’s a really convenient location, and I feel like I’m getting a great gym for a really good price. I personally have not had an issue with customer service. I have been consistently happy with them. The words of Ashley M. from McFarland, WI

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