The 10 Best Fitness Centres Lincoln, NE

3. Cooper YMCA


The Cooper YMCA is one of the gyms in Lincoln and it is located at 6767S 14th St, Lincoln, NE 68512.Indoor pool
the Cooper YMCA is a facility with a box of 7,200 sq ft of workout space with showers and bathrooms.

The gym WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2009 with the misssion of IMPROVing the level of fitness of their family, friends and the fitness of the community they serve. the Cooper YMCA is known to be the premier and original.

The gym is dedicated to the fitness, health and positive impact with all their clients. They Cooper YMCA work with a high standard and seeks to improve their members’ life quality by incorporating the lifestyle of setting fitness goals and achieving them. The Cooper YMCA gym seeks to construct an environment that will provide their members with the opportunity of their physical and mental abilities.

The fitness centre also offers group training classes, personal training and Open Gyms. The gym also has the benefit of giving motivation, support and accountability to members.

The gym has a retail are with shirts, window stickers, jackets, head bands and a section for supplements, food and snacks that are paleo-friendly. The gym also has separate bathrooms for men and women with all the equipments that are necessary in a gym.

Jeffrey D. from Lincoln, NE loves the Cooper YMCA and so does his daughter. He also mentioned that he loved that the place is not crowded and he was able to get a good workout at the gym. Jeffery also mentioned that the Cooper YMCA has something for everyone.

Erik Y. from Lincoln, NE said in his review that the classes at the Cooper YMCA are great but somehow hard to get into. The gym is great for children and the trainers are great with them.

According to Erik, the gym is awesome, the pool heat, indoors and the kids learn to swim in no time. He also mentioned that the gym could be a little crowded around 6:30-7:30am.
You can contact Cooper YMCA fitness centre on (402) 323-6400

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