The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Austin, Texas

2) CrossFit Rep

cropped-crossfitreplogo-blackgray-smaller-more-borderThe Crossfit Rep is one of the highly rated gym in Austin, Texas. It is located at 10603 Metric Blvd Ste 142 Austin, TX 78758, and founded by Coach Jake in 2012.

The Crossfit Rep came about as a result of Jake’s passion for helping people become more fit. Thus with the experience he gathered over the years came the Crossfit rep. The Crossfit Rep pride themself as a community that values the health of its members by rendering all the available support to increase their life span through fitness and nutrition. It is a place designed for peopel from all ages and walks of life that will liek to see/have the best version fo themself. It is one of the top gym centres in Austin, Texas that provision for everybody irrespective of their fitness level, expectations or goals.

best fitness centres in Austin, Taxas

A typical class at the Crossfit rep cosist of a warm up session. There are multi joint barbel sections which might involve either a squat, press or deadlift. There are skill section that has to do with an Olympic Lift or some gymnastic movement. Also there is Metcon (a circuit training style high intensity workout) which involve combinations of weightlifting movements, bodyweight gymnastics movements etc. They also offer personal trainings classes as well as group classes.

This best fitness centres in Austin, Texas review found some great customer feedback about the Crrossfit rep. Wade W, from Austin Texas reported the friendly nature of the gym as well as its coaches and also loved the challenging workout. Ben D. from Far West/Northwest Hills, Austin, TX affirmed that the Crosafit Rep is the perfect place to get one’s fitness level back. He expresses his deep satisfaction and afection for the gym. will furnish the reader with more information about the Crossfit rep while they could equally be reached via the  Phone number (267) 303-8015.

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