The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Austin, Texas

3) Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702

23591410One of the top gym in Austin Texas, the Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 is gym and trainer facility located at 6001 Techni Center Dr Ste B Austin, TX 78721 East Austin, and owned by Athan and ANNEMARIE.

The Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 is undoubtedly one of the best fitness centres in Austin, Texas. They pride themselves in the ability to enhance the life and wellbeing of their clients through workout/training sections that are unrival. The Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 pride themselves in always finding ways to improve and meet the fitness level/demand of their athletes. They provide a supporting and encouraging community for clients to interact and stay friends when they meet at the gym. They also offer 2 free classes for all Newbies as well.


The Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 is opened every blessed day with every section scheduled around clients’ availability. The gym welcomes everyone irrespective of their fitness levels and pride themselves in the availability of great coach to get everyone started. They have a team of seasoned coach that are available to Clients need when as at due time.

  • Athan is the owner and Head Trainer.
  • Jen is a crossfit trainer
  • Annemarie is also the owner and the business manager as well.
  • Jaz is a crossfit trainer
  • Andy is also a crossfit trainer
  • kady teaches Yoga and also a crossfit trainer.

Some client reviews we had all summed up the fact that the Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 is one of the best fitness centers in Austin Texas. Molly T. from Austin Texas expressed deep satisfaction with her. She loved the great coaches and the challenging environment. She expressed significant fat loss and muscle gain with her husband on full dedication with the Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 ‘s program.

The Fortitude Fitness CrossFit 78702 can be reached via the  Phone number (512) 633-3244. More information can also be sourced from their webpage at

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