The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Austin, Texas

5) Eastside Austin Elite

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The Eastside Austin Elite is also one of the highly rated fitness centres in Austin, Texas. They deal in Martial art training and gym facilities. It is located at 507 Calles St #112 Austin, TX 78702 East Austin.

The Eastside Austin Elite pride themselves in having the best price in Austin as well as having the most experienced trainers. Also, any client seeking for the best gym in Austin, Texas to train for mma and crossfit should consider the Eastside Austin Elite. They also pride themselves in having the best fitness centre facilities in Austin Texas as they have the largest gym in Austin, beautiful yoga room, huge indoor and outdoor crossfit area, etc. They are also known for their ever tidy gym and intense workout. Their door is open for all irrespective of the fitness level and class.

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They offer quiet a number of services ranging from Mixed Martial arts like practices includes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing, Grappling and Submission Wrestling. A therapeutics and Recovery focused yoga. There are also personal training service that allows users work closely with a dedicated trainer to achieve the health and fitness goals.

James F, from Austin, Texas affirmed that the Eastside Austin Elite is the best gym in Austin Texas. He loved the moderate price as well as the class schedule. He also admires the friendly and professional attitude of the coaches.  Shoshone S. from Austin Texas also affirmed that the Eastside Austin Elite is the best gym in Austin, Texas. He also admires the coach as well as the great programs offered.

Phone number (512) 499-0998

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