The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Austin, Texas

9) Mecca Gym & Spa


The Mecca Gym and Spa is also one of the well rtaed fitness centres in Austin Texas. It is located at 524 N Lamar Blvd Ste 300 Austin, TX 78703 Downtown.

The Mecca Gym is one of the best gym in Austin, Texas. They are known for their exceptional gym services, classic day spa as well as their effort in helping clients enjoy wellness at its peak. The Mecca Gym & Spa can also be said to be a luxury retreat centre where fitness and relaxation goes hand in hand. The personalized fitness coupled with the world-class spa services provides a very convenient safe haven to get away from the hustling and bustling of daily life. People from all walk of life are welcomed to the Mecca Gym & Spa as they have provisions for both members and non-members.


Users will get to meet with a crop of well experienced and highly qualified trainers that are exceptional at what they do. Users will be required to have fitness assessment which involves accessing the current level of muscular endurance and strength to determine the fitness level. results are documented so that progress can be tracked with each passing year. There are basic training classes also which involves a 3- or 6- weeks private training section to kick start the trip to the desired fitness level. They also offer a wide range of classes, they include but not limited to barre bootcamp, barre + cardio + yoga, classic barre, total conditioning / kettlebells, pilates mat challenge etc.

Viva C. from Washington, DC reported that the gym is well equipped with friendly staffs and reported great satisfaction with their services.

The Mecca Gym and Spa can be reached via the  Phone number (512) 381-2680 and detailed information can also be gotten from their webpage at

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