The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Portland, OR

10.  StudioX Fitness


The StudioX Fitness is another top fitness centre in Oregon. The gym is located at 2839 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214, Kerns, Southeast Portland, Sunnyside. The StudioX Fitness was establishes in 2003. The gym is locally owned and operated by Tim Irwin.

The StudioX Fitness centre specializes in Group exercises, Fitness Classes, Suspension Training, Personal Training, Physical therapy and Sports Massage. The gym was built on the idea that anybody can be the master of his or her own body and health. The fitness centre also has instructors and trainers that focus on helping members discover their fitness and health goals. They gym do not have weight machines or stationary bikes but they instead make use of a functional training with a unique blend of all the fitness classes they offer. The StudioX Fitness centre was voted by CitySearch as the Best Personal Training program. Anybody can start with them at 20 bucks for 2 weeks.

StudioX Fitness prides themselves providing a non-competitive and motivating environments for their clients. They have the goal of helping anybody reach his or her fitness goal whether with a group fitness instructor or personal trainer. The following are few clients’review of the gym that was gathered from

Fitness Centres In Portland

Sue M. from Portland, OR thinks the StudioX Fitness is an amazing fitness centre. Sue is 53 years old and started with the fitness centre as a newbie but she erported that the trainers at StudioX Fitness made her feel welcomed. She also complimented the owner on his efforts at alwas making sure the place is very clean. According to Sue, the trainers are very friendly, encouraging and experienced because she realized they were able to work with individuals of various levels of fitness. She alo mentioned that the equipments are undated and n good working conditions.  Sue said she is now stronger than the way she used to be.

Andrea A. from Chicago, IL went on a trip to Portland with her husband and together, they attended 2 classes with the StudioX Fitness . She reported that the classes were awesome. According to Andrea, everyone at the gym-memebrs, instructors, trainers, were very welcoming and friendly. She also mentioned that her experience at the gym makes her wish she lives in Portland but since things aren’t like that, she promised herself she would be back to the place when next they visit the town.

You can contact StudioX Fitness centre on (503) 236-7114 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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