The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Portland, OR

7.      Pil-oga-robic Gym


The Pil-oga-robic is a fitness centre with a revolutionary workout in Portland. The gym is located at 1804 NE Mlk, Ste 3, Portland, OR 97212, Northeast Portland, Eliot. The gym was established in the year 2009. Pil-oga-robic is owned by Hannah and Ariel M. Hannah has trained at the University of Oregon where her students then are now some of the best coaches in the country. This and her many years of working with Oilate and Yoga instructors had given her the experience on which has been the bases of the creation of Pil-oga-robic- an effective and innovative workout experience that is today now being enjoyed by her clients.

Pil-oga-robic was born out of the love of pilate and yoga along with the need for few spices an extra kick. The Pil-oga-robic is a unique 60 minutes workout that combines Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga and Pilates. Their classes includes Pil-oga-robic, Yoga, Body Fusion, BootCamp, personal training, Yoga Inversion Swing, Pilates and many more. The Pil-oga-robic gym’s services include personal raining, acupuncture, massage therapy and group training.

top fitness centres in portlandThe Pil-oga-robic workout is designed to help members lose weight really fast, sculpt their waistline, help them relieve pains, develop lean muscles, relieve stress, improve their endurance, increase their energy levels and overall, have fun. At the Pil-oga-robic fitness centre, their classes are small. The fitness centre prides themselves on providing their clients with the experience of personal training in a group setting. They also usually have monthly meeting with their clients one-on-one in order to customize their workouts together with them.
The Pil-oga-robic workout is designed for a beginner, intermediate and the Pro and the classes have three levels of difficulty.
Lana M. from Portland, OR said that the workout at Pil-oga-robic fitness centre is really fun and there are variety of classes with very friendly teachers. According to Laura, the teachers always check in on each members before classes start and they are also always available for questions after. They trainers also made her feel comfortable and safe all through the workout.

Carolina M. from Sandy Springs, GA has only attended fitness classes at the Pil-oga-robic twice and she claims she enjoyed them as much as she could and she also like the space of the gym. Her review were based on the two trainers that attended to her. She thinks Emily was a little fast with the cardio that she felt winded but she loved that there was the option to step out.

On the other hand, her second trainer Giancarlo, according to her, was extremely attentive and took his time to make sure everyone in the class was doing the right workout, which really surprised Carolina.  According to her, she felt saw for two days after her workout and she saw the results from the workouts. She also mentioned that everyone at the gym are very friendly.

You can contact Pil-oga-robic fitness centre on (503) 284-6079 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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