The 10 Top Fitness Centres In Portland, OR

9.     PulsePDX Gym

The PulsePDX  is one of the properly recognised fitness centres in Portland. The gym is conveniently located at 3602 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232, Northeast Portland, Laurelhurst. PulsePDX fitness centre was established on May 25th of the year 2011.

PulsePDX gym specializes in group fitness. The gym combines sound with awesome disco lights and high energy workouts towards an exhilarating way to get healthy and get fit. The gym does not have mirrors and they are said not to focus on judgement but are after having fun and lots of it. The PulsePDX gym has something for everyone U-Jam, Rockout Workout, Pound, Burn, Fusion, Melt Method, Night Club Zumba and Zumba toning.

The gym also gives out their NightClub venue for rent. This could be wedding reception, private dance party, gathering with family or friends or corporate meeting. The PulsePDX  fitness centre claims to have the perfect budget and space for you and any event you might have.

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Katie H. from Jamaica Plain, MA, in her review, capitalises more on how much fun she had. According to her, it is hard to notice that you are sweating or the puffing or huffing. She  also said the place is likea club, considering the long hour of lights, Djs and cardio. She thinks PulsePDX is a good alternative to ho-hum gyms. She also mentioned that although the location of the gym has changes for few times, but it is still worth a short drive.

Katie also mentioned that the gym always have guest instructors over and it does not matter whether an individual is  a pro at Zumba or new to it because they will certainly have a great time at PulsePDX fitness centre. Katie advised that if you are  new at Zumba and considering checking out this gym, you should try to get up front so that it will be easier for you to learn the footwork and there would be no need to feel uncomfortable as no one would be watching.

Nala P. from Portland, OR explains how much she hates working out and she preferred visiting DMV to going tothe gym. But she visited the PulsePDX gym and reported that the place makes working out fun and enjoyable as well. She explained how she was sweating and having a blast at the same time. According to her, she has never laughed that hard while dancing like that. She considered Pound to be an insane workout and the trainers as being awesome. She also said that the trainers have the best energy and are hilarious. Nala said the gym is not expensive especially when you buy a membership and she claimed to be glad she found PulsePDX.

You can contact PulsePDX Fitness centre on (503) 985-8355 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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