The Best 10 Fitness Centres In Denver, Colorado

  1. Samadhi Center For Yoga


One of the best Yoga centre in Denver, Colorado. the Samadhi Center For Yoga is located in 639 E 19th Ave Denver, CO 80203 Northwest, Uptown.

Welcoming all categories of people with a keen interest to grow in the practice of yoga, the Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation provides adequate support, excellent and love in the service of collective awakening. It provides a home for all and sundry, (beginners and advanced student of yoga) to have access to whatever sort of yoga class that is of interest to them.

Thus there is an access to a broad level of yoga styles that accommodates all levels of practice. Is it yoga through meditation? Advanced yoga class? All this can be accessed via the Samadhi Center for Yoga.

The Samadhi Center for Yoga offers a month of unlimited yoga to first timers with a token of $30. Members new to yoga are advised to take a Yoga 101 class where they will be taken through all the rudiments of yoga with patient and supportive instructors in the most conducive environment. This is essential as a foundation to member’s voyage through the world of yoga.

The range of yoga classes are Gentle Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Accessible Yoga, Adaptive Yoga, Align & Flow, Asana, Breath, and Meditation, Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa, Candlelight Vinyasa, Deep Healing Yoga etc. Their charges is as follow

  • Attend 3 classes a week and pay just $8.25 per class
  • 4 classes a week, just $6.20 per class
  • 5 classes a week, just $4.95 per class
  • 1 Class Drop-In- $19
  • 5 Classes – $80
  • 10 Classes – $150
  • 20 Classes – $280

Travis R, from Denver Colorado expressed satisfaction with the Samadhi Center for Yoga as he reported that he always leaves the centre happy and fulfilled. S T. from South Tampa, Tampa Bay, FL loved the yoga studio, the classes offered and is recommending her for any interested fellow.

Business Phone number (303) 860-9642

Business website:

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