The Best 10 Houston’s Gyms And Health Clubs

  1. Cannon CrossFit

cannon crossfit

Cannon CrossFit is another one of Houston’s gyms and health clubs . The fitness centre has facility of a full-time strength and conditioning with a vision of making broad impact on people in order to increase their awareness about fitness and the cons of obesity which will help them to become more active.  It is located at 5907 Star Ln Houston, TX 77057, Gulfton, Galleria/Uptown. The gym is owned and operated by Jeff Smith with a team of other 4 caoches.

Cannon CrossFit consist of almost 5500 sq.feet space for training, kitchenette, lounge and office space and bathrooms that are well equipped with a shower. Cannon CrossFit pride themselves on maintaining a CrossFit with the cleanest facility that can be found in the Houston area.

The gym seeks to provide a life-changing and consistent experience through genuine support, inspiration and education, inspiration and support. At Cannon CrossFit, they encourage continuous development accountability and personal responsibility.

There programs include No Sweat Intro, where your you have your questions answered  and you can learn about all their different programs, how to build strength or lose weight at your introductory class. There, you will be able to make your goal known to any of the trainers. So it is more of a free consultation session. You also later go through the fundamentals course. It is a 90 minutes session in a one-on-one setting. There are also other crossfit classes. Their drop-in rate is at Cannon CrossFit is $25 per session. Since it is also understood that group classes aren’t meant for all, Cannon CrossFit also offers private training. They as well have barbell club and yoga.

cannon crossfitTo Erin M from Savannah, G, Cannon CrossFit is his Crossfit home. He reported that the facility is great and super clean with a really accommodating workout schedule. He further encourages his friends on Yelp. Com to check the place out as it would be worth every bit of their time.

Kellie L. from Houston, TX mentioned in her review of Cannon CrossFit on that the place is so much more than a CrossFit gym. She said that she always learn something new everyday at Cannon CrossFit.  She also reported that they take so much precaution and pride in their members. Kellie could have given the place 10 stars rating if there was anything like that.

Sai Akhil Chand P. from Covina, CA thinks Cannon is the best. He reported that the coaches are super friendly and very knowledgeable and they also offer free yoga class 2 times in a week for their members.

You can contact the Cannon CrossFit fitness centre on (713) 783-2146 or visit their website at  to learn more.

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