The Best 10 Houston’s Gyms And Health Clubs

  1. CrossFit Roughnecks

crossfit roughnecks

CrossFit Roughnecks is a principal strength and conditioning facility with programs designed for military special operations units, police academies, champion martial artists and tactical operations teams and professional athletes. It is located at Commerce St, Houston, TX 77002, Downtown and owned and operated by Alex Retzlaff with other coaches which are Eric Kristiansen, Sally Kenworthy, Chad and Erin DiNardo.

The CrossFit program in Roughnecks is designed for universal scalability which makes a good application for any member that is committed regardless of their experience or fitness level. At CrossFit Roughnecks, their programs includes MARTIAL Arts, Pyong Hwa Do (Peaceful System Way), Chong U (Chinese Forms), Tomari (Okinawan) Forms, Waza (Self-defense techniques), Hapkido (Joint isolations), Kumite (Sparring and Qi Gong training for martial specifics and many others.

crossfit roughnecks

CrossFit Roughnecks is known to be a facility that is dedicated to higher level of competence and fitness. The CrossFit Roughnecks trains their clients to be mentally and physically capable of tackling anything placed in front of them.  They help their mind to work on their minds everyday in order to become more flexible and stronger.

They do not follow the same routine every time, which is intended to allow the body to change constantly. At CrossFit Roughnecks, clients are trained with medicine ball, dumbbells, rowing, running, functional exercise, athletic conditioning, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, power-lifting, gymnastics, etc. This course is usually taught in the traditional fashion.

Carlos T. from Petaluma, CA Reported that the box had different kinds of equipment and they are functional and well organized, she also mentioned that the trainer that attended to her was very positive, motivating  and was generous with good advice which helped her with techniques.

Gail B. explained that he dropped in some days back when he was in town for work and really loves the place. He reported how extremely knowledgeable Alex and his other coaches are. And to him, the place is like a community because everyone there was amazingly friendly and that made his experience even better.

Trevor D. from Ketchum, ID mentioned that although he is a frequent visitor to many gyms, he was particularly impressed with Roughnecks. He advised that people should not be scared by the name of the fitness centre as they are welcoming and friendly.

Eugene S. from Houston, TX in his report admitted that CrossFit Roughnecks gave him the best workout experience he has had in a long time. He mentioned that Alex and his coaches are approachable and knowledgeable. The gym also has readily available equipments.

You can contact the CrossFit Roughnecks fitness centre on (281) 705-0995 or visit their business website at  to learn more.

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